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Animalife Vetrofen Intense Instant Syringes


Does your horse need an instant boost after an intense workoit? These syringes will encourage your horses to recover as best possible.

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For horses in need of a post-exercise recovery boost, look no further than Vetrofen Intense Instant. This SUPER FAST acting, SUPER STRENGTH horse joint supplement is packed with natural ingredients, and supports equine comfort and recovery ? fast! For the hard-working horse, it?s all in a day?s work. Whether you?re competing together or going through a particularly rigorous training session, they?ll usually give it their all. Their body will be put through the paces ? and it will appreciate a little help when it comes to recovering afterwards! Boasting all the benefits of Vetrofen Intense in an even faster acting dose, Vetrofen Intense Instant is ideal for helping your horse to recover after heavy work or intense physical activity. Served in an easy-use syringe for oral administration, the concentrated apple flavoured formulation works within hours rather than days, to rapidly boost recovery time. Targeting the body?s natural inflammatory response, Vetrofen Intense Instant is packed with natural ingredients which work to quickly provide relief for your horse?s joints, as well as from bruising, strains or injury. Scientifically formulated specifically for equines, it is free from banned ingredients making it safe to use with the performance horse.