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Animalife Vetroflex Senior


Suitable for the older horse that now requires that extra support?


The older horse may have a lifetime of experience and many miles left on the clock, but the unavoidable passage of time means that extra nutritional support is often needed to help maintain performance and quality of life. The joints may be suffering from years of wear and tear; lungs from long exposure to dust in hay and bedding; while changes in dentition and a gradual decline in immune system efficiency can all have an impact on senior horses. That?s where Vetroflex Senior comes in. Vetroflex Senior provides specific additional nutrient support for your horse to maintain their overall wellbeing, flexibility and quality of life. Created specifically as a supplement for older equines, it is an all-natural proprietary blend of nutrients, all chosen for their ability to keep your senior horse sound and comfortable. The targeted blend of nutrients works in harmony to provide support to the musculoskeletal, respiratory, immune and digestive systems of the older horse, together with added nutrients to help maintain body condition. Vetroflex Senior works with your horse?s body to support its natural processes; and helps them to live their best life.

Weight N/A

1800ml, 5000ml