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Equi-Ping Safety Release



Feel more comfortable with your horse tied up… Does your horse often pull back for the farrier? This can take the resistance and tension out of the motion when that happens minimising the panic!

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The Equi-Ping now comes with a security sleeve that slides over the mechanism (there are two small bump stops that hold the sleeve in place).

When using the Equi-Ping for the first time we suggest you push only 2 of the arrowheads into the mechanism and slide the sleeve over. You can always adjust it to have 3 or 4 of the arrowheads pushed into place if you need more tension before it pings.

The leadrope can be easily pulled through the Equi-Ping and tied with a quick release knot.

If the horse should spook or panic for any reason approximately 80 kilos worth of pressure will open the unique mechanism helping to alleviate the horse’s fear of being restricted, which if allowed to continue can cause injury to the horse or equipment.

The Equi-Ping once opened can simply be re-attached to the tethering ring and the mechanism pushed back together for re-use with the security sleeve.

It is not recommended that a horse should be tied up directly by a bridle, bit or reins.

It is not recommended to leave a horse unattended for a significant length of time whilst tied up.

Where possible always tie your horse in a safe environment away from potential hazards that could harm it.