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Premier Performance CZ GastroPremier


Is your horse reactive when girthing up? This products main aim is to help the general gut health which could help this issue and many others.


30 Servings. GastroPremier?offers horse owners, trainers and veterinarians an opportunity to nutritionally & naturally support the health of the complete gastric, colonic and digestive system. A unique high quality veterinary-grade feed supplement. GastroPremier nutritionally supports healthy digestion and helps with the complete gastric system. A carefully formulated gastric supplement with a very different approach than most other products on the market due to the Nitric Oxide Pathways. GastroPremier supplies active nutrients, utilises Nitric Oxide precursors so the body is aware of what needs to be targeted. GastroPremier works with the natural production of mucus in the lining of the gastric system, therefore acting as a liner and maintaining the stomach?s natural acidity levels. It does not interfere with the acid production required for healthy digestion in the hind gut. Will support the fore gut, intestines, hind gut and colon. Great for the gut flora. A successful option in the racing industry. Does not contain chemicals, fillers, binders or other known prohibited substances. Competition Safe.
1 scoop (30ml) = 18g
Loading dose is recommended between 5 to 7 days. Competition horses loading dose is 10 days. For horses under veterinary treatment loading dose is recommended for 7-14 days before moving to the maintenance feeding rate.