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Animalife Vetrogut Balance & Protect


Vetrogut  Balance & Protect is classed as a postbiotic.  Essentially the prebiotics provide the fuel for the good bacteria in the gut, the probiotics (in this case yeast) populate the gut to promote digestion and postbiotics are the metabolites produced by the yeast &/or bacteria during fermentation.

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Simply put, prebiotics combined with probiotics produce postbiotics. The powerful postbiotics in Vetrogut Balance & Protect work to sustain a healthy immune system, promote good bacteria, and maintain gut balance. The unique metabolites in Vetrogut Balance & Protect support robust digestive health by balancing the immune system and gut microbiota while optimising gut morphology. The prebiotic activity of Vetrogut Balance & Protect helps promote a healthy balance of bacteria in the lower hindgut gastrointestinal tract. At the same time, the product’s antioxidant activity improves immune function.

What are the key benefits?

Vetrogut Balance & Protect acts like a multivitamin for your horse providing all over vitality and health. Published animal and in-vitro research show Vetrogut Balance & Protect supports:

  • Gut health – helps support intestinal tissue and the beneficial bacteria
  • Inflammation – helps reduce systemic inflammation
  • Immune function – reinforces the first and second lines of active defence
  • Improved key performance markers beneficial for training and performance
  • Proven to enhance nutrient digestibility