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Animalife Vetrohoof


Animalife Vetrohoof™ has been specially formulated with a veterinary strength concentration of D-Biotin and a unique amino acid profile with potent antioxidants to promote hoof horn growth, strengthen and improve hoof quality and uniquely support ligaments and tendons.

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Most studies on the effects on hoof horn following supplementation with biotin indicate that at least 15mg daily is necessary to achieve consistent improvement. Vetrohoof contains 80mg, making it a market-leader. The unique collagen peptide mix can stimulate the generation of extracellular matrix molecules, which are crucial for healthy tendons and ligaments. It can also reduce the oxidative damage to joints, reduce joint pain, tenderness and swelling. Working synergistically, the combination of ABC+P promotes cellular health, improves circulation and blood flow to the hoof and can help optimise the body’s inflammatory response. The addition of Zinc, Lysine and Methionine in Vetrohoof can help support the rebuild and repair process within the hoof capsule.

What are the key benefits?

  • Speeds up hoof horn growth
  • Improves and strengthens hoof horn quality
  • Supports ligaments and tendons
  • Gives ongoing lower limb comfort and mobility
  • Low in sugar making it suitable for laminitics