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Animalife Vetromuscle


With a unique and powerful blend of naturally-derived amino acids that mirror the horse’s own muscle composition it is highly effective in supporting every aspect of muscle growth, maintenance and repair. 

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How does it work?  

Fascia, which is made up of a large percentage of collagen, plays an important role in locomotion and movement. It surrounds and connects every organ, muscle, bone, nerve and blood vessel, allowing the body to move freely. Research has shown that more than 30% of the force generated from a muscle is transmitted via the fascia. This alone suggests that the connective tissue plays a significant role in the overall ability for the body to respond to training.  In short, the more collagen-rich the fascia, the greater the stability and elasticity of the body. The result? Fewer injuries and an increased ability to withstand hard work – both vital for ensuring longevity in performance horses.  The formula’s unique amino acid profile ensures that every component is at the optimum level, working synergistically, to maximise the benefits for your horse.  Spirulina is nutrient-rich, highly digestible and packed with protein, essential fatty acids and antioxidants, all of which are vital to maintaining a healthy immune system. Pea protein is rich in essential amino acids. Working together, these two superfoods can help reduce oxidative stress and give your horse the ultimate boost. 

Key benefits: 

  • Supports muscle development
  • Enhances strength, power and stamina 
  • Combats muscle wastage
  • Improves topline
  • Aids recovery
  • Low in sugar and starch, making it suitable for laminitics