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Stubben 2810 Switch Magic Bridle


The great function of these easy magic tack browbands allows you to change your browband in less than 30 seconds! Even better, it’s a snaffle and double in one! Scroll down for the full description…

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The 2810 Switch Magic Tack bridle incl. Loop and Bling crystal (one row/swing) is Stubben’s first multifunctional bridle and can easily be transformed into a double bridle.
With its newly developed anatomical headstall, it provides freedom of movement for the horse’s ears while creating less pressure on the horse’s neck due to the innovative padding. The super soft noseband features a removable flash option (RFS – Removable Flash System) and has been enhanced with a two-sided fastening system.
The Switch bridle can be changed to a double bridle and back while it is on the horses head which helps young horses to get accustomed to the double bridle. Headstall Anatomical
Cheeks 13mm
Throat strap 13mm
Features: (no reins included)
-Anatomical cut back headstall. Innovatively padded to release pressure on the neck.
-Curved softly padded noseband with interchangeable loop, noseband can be combined or french. Noseband buckled on both sides.
-Rear anatomical pad on noseband buckles on both sides, gives even adjustment for correct placing on lower jaw.
-2 in 1 option. Switch from a snaffle bridle to a double bridle easily
-Silver coloured fittings
-Stitching in matching tone